Thursday, December 22, 2011

My new craft room

Good morning everyone. Hope you are having a wonderful day. I (well my boyfriend) has been doing some work in my craft room for me and I finally have it organized, well mostly. I have lots of pictures to share. I realize some people have many more supplies than me and some of this wouldn't work for you but it is amazing for me. I am tickled pink with my room. So, on to the tour.

This is the beautiful countertop my bf built for my room. It is about 35 inches high so I can stand and craft or sit on my beautiful stool. The front of this baby is going to be Princess Pink from Valspar.

My room is small, measuring in at 6x12. It is a room built in our basement. The rest of the basement is just walls, floor and pipes and other other ugly stuff. Who would think that in the midst of all that is this wonderful room.

Going around the room from right to left, I have my 81/2 x 11 paper rack. I've had this thing for a while and had actually put it out of use because I didn't have the space for it. Now it is back in business. I keep all my cardstock with same color patterned paper here. My smaller paper packs are on top along with some of my displayed cards.

That paper rack, along with some other stuff, sits atop this wonderful piece of furniture I found at the Habitat store. It has 4 huge drawers that are just filled with junk right now and on one end it has two doors with a shelf inside. Lots of hiding space.

On the other end of the cabinet, I keep my eyelet setter and Big Bite. I also have a basket that I can throw my scraps in after a project until I get time to sort them. The little shelf with embossing powders will be gone after tonight.

Next, we have my ribbon rack. I don't have a lot of money and what I do have I would rather spend on crafting stuff than on ways to organize it. This is a flea market find. I spent $10 on a cd rack because I thought it would work well for holding lots of ribbon. When I got it home it DID work great except that my smaller spools would fall through. My wonderful bf, genius that he is, suggested getting the foam covers you put over your pipes to keep them from freezing, and cutting it to size. Worked great. I just slipped it over that dowels on the back and it works great now. No more ribbon in the floor.

Now for under my lovely countertop. I have an iris cart that I keep my stamps in for the time being. I am seriously thinking of unmounting my wooden stamps so they will be easier to store and take up less room but that will be sometime down the road. This is something I already had from before the days of the craft room. I think I actually bought it to go in my bathroom many moons ago..hehe.

At the other end of the counter I have my printer and to the left of that you can see some things I have for future projects that aren't card related. The two big albums I bought at the mission thrift store and I will have to make a post about that later. A lot of the stuff in my room came from the mission thrift store. All, and I mean all of the proceed from this place go to fund mission trips. The man who runs it is a very well loved man in our community so I buy what I can use from there and donate what I can't use to them.

Now on to the top of my counter. At the far right end of my counter I keep my Cricut and my laptop.

After tonight, this empty space on the wall will have a shelf like the one on the left. It will hold my embossing gun, powders ect. At least until they outgrow the space.

This is the shelf on the left. For the time being it holds my few glitter glues, a picture that eventually I will have time to put pictures of people I know in, and a few candles. I love candles but I can't burn them because of the bf's sinus's so I just have a few that look good even when their not burning.

The next space on my counter holds lots of things. I have mats everywhere to protect my beautiful counter cause I don't really won't to mess it up. I have my little spinny thing that holds my scissors, glues, corner rounder, some pens, tweezers and paint brushes. I have all my extras stored elsewhere. Then I have a cool little snap-on toolbox that holds my sponges for stamping. I have my paper trimmer here, atg, label maker, candy canes..hehe, two little boxes of scraps, and a basket that holds pieces for whatever project I might be working on.

Just a close up of my cool little box.

This is one of the best additions to my craft room. It is a built in 12 X 12 paper rack. It sits directly above the little shelf with my atg and stuff. Don't look good from the outside but who cares..hehe.

I don't have a ton of ink yet so this little drawer container works great for now.

Since I have been re cleaning and reorganizing this is all the embellies I have left to sort through. I need a few more container before these have a home though and that has to wait til payday.

This is my wonderful Texture Boutique. Thanks to my sister, cause I didn't even know it existed. She told me about it and now I can emboss stuff. I couldn't afford the cuddlebug and was able to afford this. I think I paid 18 bucks for this baby with a 40% coupon. Works great for what I want it for. I do all my embossing here. It's great not to have to get it out and put it back to use it.

This self runs about 9 ft down the wall. It is actually 3 shelves with hidden brackets. These were displays at Lowes that we got at 90% off when they took them down. They will, after tomorrow be filled with more totes that hold the rest of my categorized embellies.

This is another set of shelves bought on clearance from Lowes. They hold little stuff like eyelets, glitter, buttons ect. The basket, as of the moment, hold my Christmas Cards in the making. The totes on the top hold more embellies but I messed up and bought 3 totes that were not the same size as my others so they sit over here on the smaller shelf.

I'm in the process of giving all my totes cute little names. I just didn't want to label them tags, animals, yada, yada, yada, so I came up with names like Friends forever, Tag you it, Your an animal.

None of my glitter and stuff is in the same kinds of jars. I have baby food jars, old spice jars ect. Whatever I can find at the mission thrift store. I go in a couple times a week to see what I can see since I pass it every day. I paid .25 each for the baby food jars and the spice jars that are in this pic and the following one. I figure it goes to a cause that I support and it doesn't matter to me that they don't match.

I love these little containers. They hold my eyelets and brads. You can get them at the Dollar Tree for 1.00 for a pack of 10 containers. Their cheap and they work. Their also a great size for these little embellies. I also found silk ribbon flowers and fuzzy stars at the Dollar Tree as well and plan to use these on something too.

Okay, well that's concludes the tour. My craft room isn't as nice as a lot of peoples and I may not have as much stuff as most people but I love it. And it has room to grow as far as storage. Hope you enjoyed my little tour as much as I have enjoyed the ones I have looked at.


  1. i love it! I cant wait see it in real life. maybe now we can do some crafting together!

  2. Hoping after Christmas we can get together and create. I was trying for enough room in here to accommodate us both since we share this passion.

  3. Wish I had a craft room - yours is fabulous! Thanks for visiting my blog, I am happily following you now x