Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Changing my blog design

Can anybody tell me how to change my blog design. I know about their templates and all but can you use your own design or something you found online somewhere. What about the blog header? I see so many beautiful blog headers and I want one. How do I do it? I’m pretty computer savvy so if someone could give me some quick instruction I’m sure I can follow. Oh and how do you add different pages to your blogs? Is that possible?


  1. I have been trying to figure it out myself. I found a great site called cutestblogsontheblock and they have html codes that you can use.

  2. My new header was designed by none other than my beautiful talented Brandi :)

  3. Hey girl--if you actually want someone to do a custom blog design or header for you--I offer that.
    If you want just a template, there are lots of free ones on the net.
    I'm now a follower


  4. You can use your own designed image (jpg)for your header by going to Design (top right) on your blog page and editing the header; you can add pages by going to Edit Posts and choosing tab Edit Pages. Hope this helps, I can give fuller instructions if I've been too vague (but you said you were pretty computer savvy! LOL) Thanks for becoming a Follower of Get Creative.